Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hyper Pressure Weekend

Today I have another set of videos I meant to post for awhile now, but somehow never got around to it. Until now. This first one especially. The song and video are both incredibly beautiful. You be the judge, but I have no doubt you will agree. The Reborn Identity reminds me allot of Phil Retrospector, his music tends to be a little more subdued, and at times a little melancholy. I doubt he gets allot of plays at the disco ;-) Great tunes to relax (or sleep) too though. Original and unique, definitely.

The Reborn Identity - Hyperlux - - mp3 - Björk "Hyperballad" vs Clint Mansell "Lux Aeterna (Full Orchestral Remix)"

The Reborn Identity - Pressure Hurts - - mp3 - Hurts "Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix)" vs Queen & David Bowie "Under Pressure" vs Muse "Plug-in Baby"

The Reborn Identity - Weekend Support - - mp3 - DeadMau5 "Support" vs Vampire Weekend "Cousins"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Strictly Criminal

I find it difficult to believe that it has only been two weeks since I last posted here. It really feels like a lot longer. Some heavy stuff going down in my personal life, to someone close to me. It has been very draining. At times like these, I find music to be the best medicine. And I have one helluva a backlog to catch up on, that's for sure. I probably never will get it all dealt with, so I guess in the mean time the best thing to do is to just dig into it and get started.

Today I have a couple of videos from SIRremixes. Unbelievably, this will be his first appearance here. I hadn't realized this until I added the tag. I've been a follower of his for awhile now, and he's extremely prolific (and quite talented). I will try and post more of his work in the future. We both apologize for the first video being out of sync, YouTube does this from time to time and not much can be done about it. The second video is from his 2CD Monrose Mashup Album

SIRremixes - Criminal (The Mack) - mp3 - Britney Spears "Criminal" vs Mann ft Snoop Dogg & Iyaz "The Mack"

SIRremixes - Say it Right (And Strictly Physical) - - mp3 - Monrose "Strictly Physical" vs Nelly Furtado "Say It Right"

Nelly Furtado - Say it Right (And Strictly... by SIRremixes

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indie's Toxic Weapon Painted The Agent Dead

Today I have the brutal return of one of the funniest mashup makers out there. I have some violently hilarious mashups from the brilliant Brazilian known as Brutal Redneck Mashups. The tunes are decent, but it's the videos themselves that really carry this collection over the top. Sit back, loosen your belt and take a few deep breaths. And get ready to laugh. I've added one of my favorite mashups by him which isn't quite so funny, but still awesome (without a video), so it isn't all just shits and giggles. I couldn't find any links for the mp3's to these videos, so unfortunately, you're going to have to make your own if you want them. I highly recommend going to his blog and having a listen to his latest mixtape - Videogame Mashups. Brutally Brilliant!!

Brutal Redneck Mashups - Weapon of Shining (Weapon of Choice parody) - Fat Boy Slim (Weapon of Choice) Vs. Gaiola da Popozudas "Quero Te Dá" vs The shining (Movie)

Brutal Redneck Mashups - Indiana Antwoord - Indiana Jones (movie theme) vs Die Antwoord "$copie"

Brutal Redneck Mashups - Paint It Back In Black - Rolling Stones "Paint It Black" vs AC/DC "Back In Black" vs Monty Python and the Holy Grail (video)

Brutal Redneck Mashups - Dead MIA - Deadmau5 "Some Chords" vs Garbage "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" vs M.I.A. "Bucky Done Gun" vs Martin Luther King "I JHave A Dream"

Brutal Redneck Mashups - Agent Gaga - Agent Orange "Bloodstains" vs Lady Gaga "Love Game" vs Busta Rhymes "I Love My Bitch"

Brutal Redneck Mashups - Rolling In The Toxicity - Adele "Rolling in the Deep" vs System of a Down "Toxicity"

Brutal Redneck - Rolling in the toxicity by brutal redneck

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't You Want Hell's Best GaGa?

One of my favorite video makers (VJ) is Jarod Ripley, and he's actually a pretty decent DJ too! Today I have some of his latest work here in the Pit, showcasing both talents, especially the video-making. Including a rare Brian Adams mashup.

Jarod Ripley - Best Days Of My Life (GuettAdams) - - mp3 - mp3(extended) - Bryan Adams "Summer Of 69" vs David Guetta "Without You"

Bogoss (Audio) Jarod Ripley (Video) - Jump Around The Hell - mp3 - House Of Pain "Jump Around" vs All-American Rejects "Gives You Hell"

Jarod Ripley - Cotton Eye GaGa - mp3 - Lady GaGa "Bad Romance" vs Rednex "Cotton Eye Joe"

Mr Nono (Audio) Jarod Ripley (Audio & Video) - L. F. N. (Don't You Want My Remix) - mp3 - Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" vs Felix "Don't You Want Me" vs B.B.E. "Flash"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Save The Insane Booty For The Dancefloor

I guess it's about that time again isn't it? Time I shared some more Martian mashups, that is. I quite like their newest release (and it's great video), but there is a bootleg version of it that I like even more. Allot more! Unfortunately that version doesn't have a video yet, but I am posting it anyways. I've been listening to it a helluva lot, and I think it may be one of my favorite Rihanna mashups. After listening to it for yourself, you just may agree with me (or you may not). You are always free to tell me what yours are, of course. Here or wherever. FYI, they finally have their own website. I guess they've finally given up on Myspace like everyone else. Also, it would seem that they have stopped including direct mp3 links in their vids, so if you want the mp3, you will have to make it yourself (it's very easy).

I also included the Martian's track off a (fairly) recent MUYB collections. I only recently noticed that Mash-Up Your Bootz have their own YouTube Channel where they release each individual track (but without a real video) from their (nearly) monthly collection of booties (short for bootlegs, aka mashups). They (along with the Bootie Blog) are one of the best sites to follow if you're looking for some great collections of the latest (and greatest) music from the mashup scene.

DJ's From Mars - Insane In Da Brain - DJs From Mars vs Fragma

For a decent little collection of remixes using this tune, checkout this post over at Kinect Muzik. I recommend JDownloader if you want the mp3's (since downloads are not enabled on any of them).

And here is the real star of this post (imho), despite the lack of a video.
DJ's From Mars - S&M In Da Brain

S&M In Da Brain - Djs From Mars feat Fragma vs Rihanna by KineticMuzik

DJ's From Mars - Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal "Bonkers" vs Amadeus Mozart "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"

DJ's From Mars - Save The Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga "Edge Of Glory" vs Swedish House Mafia "Save The World"

DJ's From Mars - Calabria On The Dancefloor (this track from MUYB vol 49) - mp3 - Jennifer Lopez "On The Floor" vs Alex Gaudino "Destination Calabria"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Man Tricked the Bridesmaid in the Morning

I was recently introduced to the hilarious website (and youtubers) known as Bad Lip Reading. If you have yet to experience the hilarity, that changes today! I have two of their numbers which could almost be called mashups, for sure one of them definitely is. And I have two more which are just basic satires, one of Barrack Obama set to music and another that makes great fun of Michael Bublé. In fact, even Michael loves it!

Bad Lip Reading Morning Dew - Bad Lip Reading vs Bruno Mars vs Lady Gaga vs Jay-Z

Bad Lip Reading - Magic Man - Bad Lip Reading vs Ludacris vs The Bee Gees

Bad Lip Reading - Russian Unicorn - Bad Lip Reading vs Michael Bublé

Bad Lip Reading - Trick The Bridesmaid - Bad Lip Reading vs Barrack Obama

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bumpy Wonderfavors

I really like the videos that A Mei has been making, using mashups made by her father, Dan Mei. Some great work here!

Dan Mei (Audio) A Mei (Video) - Hung Up Favor - mp3 - Madonna "Hung Up" vs Keri Hilson Ft Timbaland "Return The Favor"

Dan Mei (Audio) A Mei (Video) Wanderhalo - mp3 - Oasis "Wonderwall" vs Beyonce "Halo"

Dan Mei (Audio) A Mei (Video) - Bumpy Republic - mp3 - Mohombi "Bumpy Ride" vs One Republic "Apologize"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Your Crazy Moonlight Runaway Just Shouts

I really have no clue how it happened, but I haven't posted a whole lot of tunes from Fissunix this year, at least not here. Tonight I attempt to make up for this with six great mashups from the French Mashup Artist :-) Starting with a couple of his most recent productions including his 100th which he released only a day or two ago. Followed by his beautiful Beethoven mix. I decided to wash it all down with some classic hair metal tonight, one mash with Bon Jovi and a pair with KISS. I don't know if you are going to want to bang your head much, but letting your hair down might not hurt. Listen to why he is one of my favorites. I know there are only a couple of actual videos in the this collection, but it's the music that matters!

Fissunix - Hallowed Be Your Glass - mp3 - Pink "Raise Your Glass" Iron Maiden "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

Fissunix (Audio) GonzoJam Mindless Productions (Video) - Crazy Rain - mp3 - Peter Gabriel "Red Rain" vs Seal "Crazy"

Fissunix & Colatron (Audio) Sebastian Reich (Video) - Moonlight Sonata Mashed mp3 Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata (Sterling Barnes Remix)" vs Phoenix "Everything is Everything" vs Mickey Rourke "The Wrestler" (vocal sample) vs Radiohead "Nude"

Fissunix (Audio) BobbyG (Video) - Glory Runaway - mp3 - Just Jack "Glory Days" vs Bon Jovi "Runaway"

Fissunix - I Was Made Just For Show - mp3 - Atmosphere "Just For Show" vs Kiss "I was made for loving you"

Fissunix - Shout HELLO ! mp3 - Martin Solveig ft Dragonette "Hello" vs Kiss "Shout"

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Virgin Material

Today it is my plan to do something a little bit different. Today I am sharing a few remixes, and no real videos. One track is on YouTube, but it's just a picture. None of which really matters. What matters is how good the music is. And this music is incredible! These are some of the best remixes I have ever heard. - Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)

I meant to post this yesterday, but Soundcloud was down all day. Despite this little hiccup (which was the worst one I've experienced to date), I still really love Soundcloud. And I really love the Android Soundcloud App. It is probably my favorite app, or at least one of them. I use it daily, and with it staying on top of the latest releases from most of my favorite DJ's is a breeze.

I first stumbled across Virgin Magnetic Material back in July through Soundcloud. I follow the comments and uploads of pretty much every mashup artist that has a Soundcloud account. I began to share his stuff not too long after on my Facebook feed and received plenty of good feedback. I was even able to snag the stuff on mp3 through jDownLoader, a great solution for when you find streaming music without no downloads :-) And after spending some time exploring his tracks - which I very strongly encourage - you are going to want to permanently download some I can guarantee. If jLoader is too much hassle for you let me know and perhaps I can help.

It looks like DJ Y Alias JY has beaten me to the punch on a few songs, but in my defense, it was I who told Fissunix :-P At least this makes it a tad easier for me to choose which songs to share. I was going to share the Metallica and Faith No More songs, but I guess now I can pick something else instead. It isn't at all easy picking my favorites (there are so many awesome tunes!!) but here are a few that I really love, starting with Peter Gabriel's "Big Time". Imho, the greatest remix ever! Which is why I am also sharing it even though JY also did this song.

Virgin Magnetic Material - Peter Gabriel "Big Time"

Peter Gabriel - Big Time (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) by Virgin Magnetic Material

Virgin Magnetic Material - Soundgarden "Blow Up The Outside World"

Soundgarden - Blow Up The Outside World (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) by Virgin Magnetic Material

Virgin Magnetic Material - Rocky Horror Show "Sweet Transvestite"

Rocky Horror Show - Sweet Transvestite (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) by Virgin Magnetic Material

Virgin Magnetic Material - Steve Miller "Fly Like an Eagle"

Steve Miller - Fly Like an Eagle (VMM Remix) (Low Rez) soon on Limited Edition Editorial Vinyl by Virgin Magnetic Material

Virgin Magnetic Material - Saddet - Drink Smoke and Fuck

Saddet - Drink Smoke and Fuck (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) by Virgin Magnetic Material

Monday, October 3, 2011

Floating Psycho

Today I have a pair from a newcomer by the name of Isosine. He has put together a pair of original mashups that are actually doing quite well. The second one especially, with over 6.5 million views in half a year. Not too shabby numbers. Modest Mouse vs Avenged Sevenfold and Justin Bieber mashed with Slipknot. Quite the pairings. And it works!.

Isosine - Psychosocial Baby - mp3 - Justin Bieber "Baby" vs Slipknot "Pychosocial"

Isosine - Float On Easy - mp3 - Modest Mouse "Float On" vs Avenged Sevenfold "Almost Easy"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shut Up, Mama Said No Further Shit!

Anybody who knows me, or follows this blog, knows that I am a huge fan of DJ Schmolli. Which would be a big part of why it is his turn again today :-) I have a pair of new tunes from the talented German DJ, plus a trio of classics, one of which has been given a brand new video by ThriftshopXL. I love the new Metal Mashup, and what he had to say about it, I can totally relate. Here's a quote from his blog:
"So after all this really bad pop music I was listening to lately I needed to do a metal mash again. This time Cataract from Switzerland collide with an LL Cool J classic from the 90s"
I may have posted the Brooklyn mashup before, but with nearly 20 Schmolli posts here in the Pit, I couldn't be bothered to find out for sure. No matter, it's worth a re-post anyways. Ditto for the Manson tune, which I've been listening to for ages, but it STILL NEEDS A PROPER VIDEO! (hint hint - for any aspiring VJ's out there, not the incredibly busy Schmolli, hehe). Enjoy!

DJ Schmolli - Riverside Got You All In Check - mp3 - Sidney Samson "Riverside" vs Busta Rhymes "Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check) "

DJ Schmolli - Mama Said Knock Out The Eternal - mp3 - Cataract "Killing The Eternal" vs LL Cool J "Mama Said Knock You Out" Featuring Michael Buffer

DJ Schmolli (Audio) ThriftshopXL (Video) - No Good Cockeyed Tiger - mp3 - The Prodigy "No Good" vs Survivor "Eye Of The Tiger" vs Monosurround "Cocked, Locked, Ready To Rock" vs Peaches "Rock Show" vs Pitbull "Calle Ocho (I Know You Want Me)" vs Salt N Pepa "Push It"

DJ Schmolli (Audio) Torrey Meeks (Video) - Shut Up Brooklyn Sandman - mp3 - The Ting Tings "Shut Up & Let Me Go" vs Beastie Boys "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" vs Metallica "Enter Sandman"

DJ Schmolli - Further Shit - mp3 - Marilyn Manson "This Is The New Shit" vs Snitch Bros "In Further Blackness"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'll Apologize Big Without You

Today at the Pit belongs to someone I don't think I have had here yet: Resonanz Kreis. I've been following him on Soundcloud for a few months now, and stumbled across his stuff even before that. His music is kind of laid back, which can be a good thing, and in this case I believe it is. I hope you do too!

Resonanz Kreis - Undisclosed Apologize - mp3 - One Republic "Apologize" vs Muse "Undisclosed Desires"

Resonanz Kreis Big Numb - - mp3 - Mattafix "Big City Life" vs Linkin Park "Numb"

Resonanz Kreis - I'll Fly Without You - mp3 - U2 "Without You" vs Gigi D' Agostino "I'll Fly With You"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Rude Psychos (Without Lithium)

I have a few ideas I'm working on to post here soon, but James decided to jump the cue by posting another super awesome tune on my wall (that I had earlier bemoaned for lacking a good video). Cue jumping here is easy and I do like to encourage it!
So once again, I present some more amazing videos from GonzoJam Mindless Productions. Three amazing video's he made for others. Including what I think is the best AMV ever!! Plus a sweet audio mashup (sans video) he made himself. FYI, see the Vimeo version for better HD!

DJ not-I (Audio) GonzoJam Mindless Productions (Video) - I Want My Life Back! Right Now! - - mp3 - "Fucked Up, Right Now"(KRS-One vs. Fatboy Slim)

DJ Topcat (Audio) - GonzoJam Mindless Productions (Video) - Rude Decision - mp3 - Rihanna "Rude Boy" vs Alice in Chains "Your Decision" vs Red Hot Chili Peppers "Dani California"

Fissunix (Audio) GonzoJam Mindless Productions (Video) - My Little Psychos (Like A G666) - - mp3 - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Took out a Loan" vs Far East Movement "Like a G6"

GonzoJam Mindless Productions - Without Lithium - mp3 - Nirvana "Lithium" vs Eminem "Without Me"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super Toxic Angel of Domination

It hasn't been all that long, but I felt compelled to share some more wicked (and hilarious) videos from Andy Rehfeldt. Today it's all about the metal!! Or at least as envisioned by Andy's twisted mind. Slayer and Pantera. Britney and Nicki Minaj. All get worked over by the talented hands of Andy Rehfeldt. All music in these four songs was done by Andy, over which he laid down the original vocals (except for the Slayer tune). Click on the videos to find out more (as usual). Maybe they aren't truly mashups. Whatever. They are awesome and that's all that matters to me!

Andy Rehfeldt - Pantera - Domination(Latin Jazz Version) - Pantera "Domination" vs Andy Rehfeldt

Andy Rehfeldt - Slayer - Angel of Death (Radio Disney Version) - Slayer "Angel of Death" vs Andy Rehfeldt

Andy Rehfeldt - Britney Spears-Toxic(Metal Country Version) - Britney Spears "Toxic" vs Andy Rehfeldt

Andy Rehfeldt - Nicki Minaj - Super Bass (Metal Version) - Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" vs Andy Rehfeldt

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Want You To Pump Me Loca, Barbra!

Wow, September can be a tough month for blogging. I haven't really been in school for 20 years, so it's not easy getting used to "homework" again. Although not really, it's more of a struggle to maintain all my other activities - I'm no stranger to reading and writing. It's the whole doing what other people tell me to do thing that is the struggle. But I'm enjoying it. I still share tonnes of music everyday on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, just not a lot in here (because it's so much more work!). The social media is so much easier because I have all three sites linked to my Soundcloud (I really love the Soundcloud App for Android!!!) and YouTube accounts. I click a "like" button and I share across all my accounts - easy peezy!!

Today is MashMike's turn for a go here in the Pit. I have a tonne of his music on my player, but somehow I don't seem to have posted allot of his stuff here. An oversight I aim to fix immediately!! I encourage everyone to vote for his awesome tunes over at the Mashup-Charts.

MashMike (Audio) Panos T (Video) - Pump Up The Party Rock - - mp3 - Laserkraft 3D "Nein Mann" vs DiddyDirtyMoney ft Skylar Grey "Coming Home" vs Pink "Get This Party Started" vs Kraze "The Party" vs Danzel "Pump It Up!" vs C&C Music Factory "Gonna Make You Sweat" + "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...." vs Salt'n Pepa "Push It" vs LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock "Party Rock Anthem"

MashMike (Audio) Sebastian Reich (Video) - Loca People [What The F**k!] - mp3 - Sak Noel "Loca People (What The F**k!)" vs Eminem "Without Me" vs Yello "Oh Yeah"

MashMike (Audio) Panos T (Video) - I Want You 2 Want Me - mp3 - Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me" vs Fat Joe ft Ashanti "What's Luv" vs Busta Rhymes ft Chingy & Nick Cannon "Shorty (Put It On The Floor)" vs Rihanna ft Drake "What's My Name"

MashMike (Audio) Jarod Ripley (Video) - Move It, Barbra! - mp3 - Reel 2 Real "I Like To Move It" vs Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand" (ft Boney M "Gotta Go Home") vs Barbra Streisand "Woman In Love"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Praising Rehab

Today I have a few terrific new videos from GonzoJam Mindless Productions. All three feature songs I've been listening to allot on my headphones. The third song has been posted here before, but by the original (mashup) artists, but James did such a wicked job that his version is worth posting too!. Enjoy three brilliant mashups, brought to life through the magic of Vimeo!! (my apologies to subscribers for the spam, I forgot the title!)

Amoraboy (Audio) GonzoJam Productions (Video) - Still Loving Roxanne - mp3 - The Police "Roxanne" vs The Scorpions "Still Loving You"

DJ Gaston (Audio) GonzoJam Productions (Video) - What You Praising For? - mp3 - Gwen Stefani "What You Waiting For" vs Fatboy Slim "Praise You"

DJ's From Mars (Audio) GonzoJam Productions (Video) - November Rehab - mp3 - Amy Winehouse "Rehab" vs Guns n' Roses "November Rain"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jagger Moves

I am really loving the new tune from Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger (here's an unofficial, but much sexier version). It's only been out a month or so and already there are some great mashups floating around for it. And here are a few of the better ones (imho, of course). To start with I've a couple "traditional (Mashpit-style) mashups, where a bunch of songs (including "Jagger" of course) have been given a deluxe mashing, and set quite skillfully to mashed videos. After that though I've decided to do it a little different (for the Pit at least). I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.

Marc Johnce - Never Move A Rock Like Jagger - mp3 - Rye Rye ft. Robyn "Never Will Be Mine (Kat Krazy Remix)" vs Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera "Moves Like Jagger" vs LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennet, GoonRock "Party Rock Anthem" vs Lady Gaga "Judas" vs Nicola Roberts "Beat Of My Drum"

JKmixesify - Jagger Moves In The Dark - mp3 - Dev "In The Dark" vs Maroon 5 "Moves like Jagger"

erikxoox - Jagger Moves Like He's Born Again - mp3 - Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera "Moves Like Jagger" vs. Ricky L. "Born Again (Babylonia)"

The Ivory - Pumped Up Jagger Moves - mp3 - Maroon 5 "Moves Like Jagger" vs Foster the People "Pumped Up Kicks"

Here is a mashup using the studio tracks (not a cover) of those same two songs:
DJ MikeA - Pumped Up Like Jagger

DJ MikeA - Pumped Up Like Jagger by DJ MikeA (Mike Alegre)

I also will include this great remix of Kicks, which I really, really love
MashMike - Foster The People "Pumped Up Kicks (hypnotic extended dance mix)"

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (hypnotic extended dance mix) by MashMike

To round out the collection, here's a dubstep remix (an essential part of every remix collection!) - Moves Like Jagger (Eos Dubstep Remix) - mp3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Freaks Wanna Be Kicking The Dark

Have I ever mentioned that I like the music being put out by Marc Johnce? 'S true! Here are another three bouncin' mashups from da man himself guaranteed to make you sweat! DANCE HE SAID!! Gotta love Bon Jovi set to an accordian...

Marc Johnce - Freaky Kicks In The Dark - - mp3
Mayra Verónica "Freak Like Me (Dave Aude Remix)" vs Foster The People "Pumped Up Kicks" vs Dev "In The Dark" vs Salt N Pepa "Push It" vs Jessie & The ToyBoys "Push It"

Marc Johnce - Bonza Jovuro - - mp3
Don Omar ft. Lucenzo "Danza Kuduro" vs Bon Jovi "We Weren't Born To Follow"

Marc Johnce (Audio) and Panos T (Video) - I Only Wanna Be With Pop - mp3
Will Young "Jealousy (Moto Blanco Remix)" vs Bon Jovi "It’s My Life" vs Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo & Nayer "Give Me Everything Tonight" vs Britney Spears "Till The World Ends" vs Samantha Fox "I Only Wanna Be With You" vs Enrique "Tonight (I’m Fucking You)"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Let It Be Back In My Life

I can hardly believe September is already here. Summer is nearly over, and school starts tomorrow! Time sure does fly when you don't know what you're doing! It seems like the older I get, the faster life gets. So maybe it's time for a little trip down memory lane... Here are a couple of great mashups from Faroff (including a brand new one) that will help us to do just that, with a little help from the Beatles!

Faroff - I Want You Back In My Life - mp3 - Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" vs The Beatles "In My Life "

Faroff - Let It Be, No Cry - mp3 - Bob Marley "No Woman No Cry" vs The Beatles "Let It Be"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's My Human Speed

Today The Ethiopian DJ finally gets another go in the Pit. I know it's been too long, and the dude cranks it out at a very prolific rate. Here three of his better (they're all good) and more recent mashups.

The Ethiopian DJ - Speed of Halo - Beyonce "Halo" vs Coldplay "Speed of Sound"

The Ethiopian DJ - Human's Dance After All - Daft Punk "Human After All" vs Lady Gaga "Let's Dance"

The Ethiopian DJ - It's My Kid's Life" - MGMT "Kids" vs The Beatles "It's My Life"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Like A Black Symphony

Today I have three great new videos from the twisted mind of Andy Rehfeldt. Some FEM, AC/DC and a bit of Megadeth to wash it all down! Perhaps not exactly mashups, but still brilliant, and it's MY BLOG!! Lol! I love him and I don't post him enough here.

Andy Rehfeldt - Like A G6 (Country Version) - Far East Movement "Like A G6" vs Andy Rehfeldt

Andy Rehfeldt - Back in Black (Funk Version) - AC/DC "Back In Black" vs Andy Rehfeldt

Andy Rehfeldt - Symphony of Destruction (Reggae Version) - Megadeth "Symphony of Destruction" vs Andy Rehfeldt

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stand By My Rehab

Like most of my favorite mashup artists, it has been too long since I last shared anything from the DJ's From Mars. Today I have two of their latest, and both are brilliant. The Party Rock mash is typical get-you-outta-your-seat-and-shaking-that-booty songs that they always make. But the Amy Winehouse tribute is honest-to-God beautiful, and if you've lost as many friends to this disease as I have, it just may bring a tear to your eye.

DJ's From Mars - Stand By Party Rock - LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem" vs Ben E. King "Stand By Me"

DJ's From Mars - November Rehab - Amy Winehouse "Rehab" vs Guns n' Roses "November Rain"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whole Lotta Rambling Revelations In One Year

It was one year ago today, when I began this little obsession of mine that I call the mash-pit. I believe it was over 200 days later before I finally relaxed a little and stopped posting every day. It was easier to do when I had a boring job with nothing to do but surf the net. That's not the case today, but I still try to get up a few posts every week. And I definitely love mashups more than ever. Nowadays it's really just about posting music I really like, or a friend likes.

To celebrate the occasion today, I have a brand new video made at my request for one of my favorite mashups. Included with it are two more great songs/videos which I have posted here before. Together these are my three all-time favorite classic rock mashups, and best represent for me why I love this stuff so much. First up is the world premiere (yay!) of the new BobbyG video for the classic Lenlow mashup "It's Time We Ramble On".

Lenlow (Audio) BobbyG (Video) - It's Time We Ramble On - mp3 - Led Zeppelin "Ramble On" vs Buffalo Springfield "For What It's Worth" (With bits of Badly Drawn Boy "The Shining" and Public Enemy "He Got Game")

Wax Audio - Whole Lotta Sabbath - mp3 - Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love" vs Black Sabbath "Warpigs"

DJ Lobsterdust - Exodus To Revelations - mp3 - Bob Marley "Exodus" vs Iron Maiden "Revelations"

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chasing Every Hand

Up today are three mashups featuring Snow Patrol. Including a brand new one from SpareElbowSkin, a classic from PartyBen (featured in the latest Adam Sandler movie) and the first effort from ChaseTheCapital - a recent newcomer to the mashup scene.

SpareElbowSkin - Human Hands - The Killers "Human" vs Snow Patrol "Open Hands"

PartyBen (Audio) VJ Brewski (Video) - Every Car You Chase - mp3 - Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars" vs The Police "Every Breath You Take"

ChaseTheCapital - Chasing Climbing Airplanes - B.O.B Ft Haley Williams "Airplanes" vs Miley Cyrus "The Climb" vs Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stayin Hott and Sweaty On The Wall

I just got this smokin' hot mashup from DJ Lobsterdust and I just had to share it. I've also included the latest (and possibly greatest) mash from Mashup-Germany, even though it doesn't really have a video yet. These are the two most danceable (just try and stop yourself!) tunes of the summer, at least that is MHO! These are both getting allot of play in my earbuds lately. I've also thrown in a classic from Waxaudio since it is Saturday Night after all, and I've got a Fever!!

DJ Lobsterdust - Stay Hott - mp3 - Nelly "Hot in Here" vs Bee Gees "Stayin’ Alive"

Mashup-Germany - I'm Gonna Make You Sweat - mp3 -
Lloyd ft Lil Wayne & Andre 3000 – Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)
Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running
LaBelle – Lady Marmelade
Eminem – Just Lose It
S Club 7 – Don’t stop moving
Franz Ferdinand – No you Girls
David Guetta &; Snoop Dog – Sweat
Usher feat. Pitbull – DJ got us fallin’ in love
Donna Summer – Hot Stuff

Waxaudio - Stayin' Alive In The Wall - mp3 - Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" vs 
Pink Floyd "Another Brick In The Wall Pt II"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Super Fortunate Prayer Ho Down

Today I have a few more wicked vids from Deadmarsh. Yesterday was just a teaser! I really love his taste in music, he definitely knows how to pick great tunes to make his videos for. Not the usual pop/dance/hip hop stuff most people seem to focus on. Here is a decent little cross-section of the kind of stuff he does. A bit of metal, a bit of classic rock, a bit of country, but all of it rocks!

DJ DKUB (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Super Rock Freak - - mp3 - Rick James "Superfreak" vs Primal Scream "Rocks"

DJ Shades (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Shades Ho Down - - mp3 - Allen Jackson "Chattahoochee" vs DJ Kool "Let Me Clear My Throat" vs Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood"

DJ Maxentropy (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Don't Phunk With My Fortunate Son - - mp3 - BEP "Don't Phunk With My Heart" vs John Fogerty "Fortunate Son"

DJ Morgoth (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - You've Got Another Firestarter Coming - - mp3 - Judas Priest "You Got Another Thing Coming" vs Prodigy "Firestarter"

Mizota (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Let It Rock On A Prayer - - Kevin Rudolf "Let It Rock" vs Bon Jovi "You Give Love A Bad Name"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Crazy Fat Tranny

Today I am finally posting some of the great music videos being put out by DVJ Deadmarsh (Deadmarsh1 on Youtube). I've been following him on Viddler and on Facebook for awhile now and I just love his music and his videos. It was very hard for me to narrow it down to a manageable number today, but I managed to pull it off by doing two for now, and a few more later! First up is a mashup I've been enjoying for awhile now on my mp3 player. I am grateful to finally see such a great video for it, one that it fully deserves! The other one totally cracks me up, but don't just take my word for it....

Smash (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - R U Gonna Be My TV - mp3 - Jet "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" vs Rocky Horror Picture Show "Sweet Transvestite"

DJ Rick Lee (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Big Fat Crazy Bass - - mp3 - Britney Spears "Big Fat Bass" vs The Osmonds "Crazy Horses"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shake That Rude Box

Up today are some great Alice in Chains mashups from various DJ's. One of my favorite 90's bands gets some twenty-first century mashing. The end results ain't too shabby! If if they lack proper videods...

DJ Topcat - Rude Decision - Rhianna "Rude Boy" vs Alice in Chains "Your Decision"

Annunaki Army - Shake That Box - Eminem ft Nate Dogg "Shake That" vs Alice In Chains "Man In The Box"

elchihiro (I think) - Romance In The Box - Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" vs Alice In Chains "Man In The Box"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Smokin' Weeks

I just can't help myself, two Johnce posts in a row! Count me in as a card-carrying member of the the Marc Johnce Fan club!! I have two more mashups that I just have to share. I've got something sweet cooking, but first this is a nice easy post of two wicked tunes. The tunes themselves sound amazing, but the video work is even better. You just have to check these out!!

This first one is such a great video, it's made from the following clips:
- tv show "Johnny Carson Show"
- tv commercial Atari
- tv series "Kojak"
- tv show "Family Freud"
- tv series "Battlestar Galactica"
- tv commercial Polaroid
- tv show "Jeopardy!"
- tv commercial Fruit Of The Loom
- tv commercial Ford
- tv series "Dallas"
- tv commercial Signal
- tv series "Mork & Mindy"
- tv commercial Nestle
I love how it looks embedded in Facebook. The white background doesn't work quite as well here in the pit, but it is still a great vid. Luckily the songs work very well no matter where you are!

Marc Johnce - Two Fair Weeks - mp3 - Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks" (Fred Falke Remix) vs Lily Allen "Not Fair"

This second song is another kick ass rock and roll mash, which I don't seem to post nearly enough of (rock and roll that is!) I think the video was done by JusJ4ck, but I could be wrong. It's quite well done, that's for sure!

Marc Johnce (Audio) JusJ4ck (Video) - Not My Smoke Tonight mp3 - Christina Aguilera "Not Myself Tonight" (Jody Den Broeder Remix) vs Deep Purple "Smoke On The Water"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Speedy Private Romance

Today I have a few Marc Johnce collaborations. First is a mashup that I have been listening to, and watching, a whole lot lately. Marc Johnce (and CjR Mix) made a helluva rockin' tune when they mashed Billy Idol with Pink, Katy Perry and KeSha. AND, I've got a two-for-one special on the videos. There are two great videos for this mash, one based on the movie "Speed", and another one based on the movie "Sucker Punch". I can't pick a favorite, so I included both. This song kicks so much ass that it's totally worth repeat listens anyways.

Also included today are a pair of DMF (Dan Mei & Marc Johnce) mashups. Dusty Springfield vs The Killers and Santana (ft Rob Thomas) vs Lady Gaga. Today's tunes are a little more on the rock and roll side - which is a good thing indeed!

Marc Johnce and CjR Mix - Most California Speed Gurls - - mp3
Billy Idol "Speed" vs Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg "California Gurls" vs Pink "Most Girls" vs Ke$ha "Tik Tok"

DMF - Smooth Romance - - mp3
Santana ft Rob Thomas "Smooth" vs Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" vs Van Halen "Jump"

DMF - Private Human (2011 re-edit) - - mp3

Friday, July 22, 2011

Right After A Party

On deck today I have some great videos from Kelly Sevlac. And not just because he gave me a Google+ invite! He really does make some fine music! I asked him for his two favorite videos and he gave me three :-D As a (recovering) addict I can relate, lol! It can be tough choosing, I know! One of the songs I already posted earlier, so I replaced it with one of his newest. Without further ado, let's get into it...

Kelly Sevlac - I Made It Right There mp3 - Nicole Scherzinger ft 50 Cent "Right There" vs Kevin Rudolf Ft Birdman, Jay Sean, Lil Wayne "I Made It"

Kelly Sevlac - Morning After A Movie mp3 - Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado & SoShy "Morning After Dark" vs Twista ft Chris Brown "Make A Movie"

Kelly Sevlac - Magic Party mp3 - Nelly ft Fergie "Party People" vs B.o.B ft. Rivers Cuomo "Magic"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Freaky Southern Torture On Saturday Night

I very excited about today's mashups. I've been hoping for awhile now that somebody would make a video for two of my favorite (video-less) mashups - "Saturday White" and "Psycho Dreams" from The Kleptones. I have also long been a fan of AMV's. In fact that was how I was first introduced to mashups (although I didn't know it at the time, I thought the songs were legit). I recently noticed that one of the newest members of the Vimeo Mashup Group had been posting a helluva lot of mashups in a pretty short time. I was also bumping into him on Facebook quite a bit. So I asked James if he could perhaps help me out here. He said he'd look into it and get back to me. And today (just a couple days later) here we are...

First up are a couple great AMV's from his Youtube Channel. Both are set to mashups from DJ not-I. From his Vimeo Channel I've got a new video from the Mash Fatal album, and to chase it all down is the brand new video for Saturday White - "Saturday Night Shit Storm" from GonzoJam Mindless Productions. If you want to see the video clip info for the videos (what movies he used) you will need to go to his channels and check the info for each one.

DJ not-I (audio) GonzoJam Mindless Productions (video) - Go Your Own Way South - Fleetwood Mac "Go Your Own Way" vs Chemical Brothers "Burst Generator"

DJ not-I (audio) GonzoJam Mindless Productions (video) - Freaky, Undone, and Scary Chicks - M.I.A. "Hombre" vs Korn "Coming Undone" "Freak On A Leash"

Fissunix (audio) GonzoJam Mindless Productions (video) - Till The Torture Ends - Britney Spears "Till The World Ends" vs. Jackson 5 "Torture"

The Kleptones (audio) GonzoJam Mindless Productions (video) - Saturday Night Shit Storm

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mother's Life Power

Wow. It sure is hard to find time to blog this summer. I am finding tonnes of great tunes, but mostly as mp3's. The videos seem to be flowing a bit slower. Or at least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it ;-) There have been a few great top 10 lists in the last little while, and hopefully I will actually get around to updating my own real soon (it definitely needs it!)

In the meantime, here are a few of the latest mashups to come from the ingenious mind of DJ Schmolli. First up is a very original (and totally awesome) mashup of Billy Idols "Rebel Yell" - mashed with Danzig and Rihanna. I love it. The Feel Good Hit of the Summer! Following this up (or at least trying to) is a real interesting blast from the past - Huey Lewis mashed with Bon Jovi. Last but not least, Insomnia Rhythm Satisfaction is a wicked club mash set to another amazing video from PanosT. Kick back (or better yet, clear some space on the floor) and enjoy :-D

DJ Schmolli - Rebel Mother Down - - mp3 - Rihanna "Man Down" vs Billy Idol "Rebel Yell" vs Danzig "Mother"

DJ Schmolli - The Power of Life - mp3 - Huey Lewis and the News "The Power Of Love" vs Bon Jovi "It's My Life"

DJ Schmolli (audio) Panos T (Video) - Insomnia Rhythm Satisfaction - - mp3 -
Mike Candys & Jack Holiday – Insomnia (Christopher S Horny Remix)
Faithless – Insomnia
Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer
Benny Benassi – Satisfaction
Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
Dr. Alban – It’s My Life
Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Together On The Floor At Night

I've been slacking just a tad here at the Pit. Life happens some times, and I'm grateful it does! In the mean time the mashups keep piling up. DJ Earworm finally released a new video a few weeks ago, and here it is, with a couple of his classics.

It has long been my opinion that Earworm is the King of Mashups. I'm not saying he's necessarily my favorite (although he is one of them), but that he is the most popular and most successful. For example, here's what he wrote on his latest (Mega) Mashup:
"I made this music video mashup to be shown as part of a concert at Wembley Stadium in London for Capital FM's Summertime Ball, where all fifteen of these artists performed." I know of no other mashup DJ's anywhere near this level. Although it would be nice to see more of them achieving something close to this.

DJ Earworm - Party on the Floor (Capital FM Summertime Ball Mashup) -

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On the Floor
Jessie J - Price Tag
Jessie J - Do it Like a Dude
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath
Example - Changed the Way You Kiss Me
Mike Posner - Cooler than Me
Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster
The Wanted - Glad You Came
‪Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs & DEV‬ ‪- Like A G6‬
JLS - Eyes WIde Shut
JLS - Love You More
Katy B - Katy on a Mission
Katy B - Lights On
Cee-Lo Green - Forget You
Cee-Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger City
Enrique Iglesias - I Like It
Wretch 32 - Traktor
Mann - Buzzin'

DJ Earworm - Together As One - U2 "One" vs The Beatles "Come Together" vs Diana Ross "Someday We’ll be Together" vs Mariah Carey "We Belong Together"

DJ Earworm - Free At Night - Nelly Furtado "The Best of Nelly Furtado" (all 13 songs)

• I'm Like A Bird
• Turn Off the Light
• Powerless (Say What You Want)
• Try
• Força
• Promiscuous
• Maneater
• Say It Right
• All Good Things (Come to an End)
• Girlfriend in the City
• Night Is Young
• Stars
• Manos al Aire

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exit Bright Contrasts

I can't help it. It hasn't been all that long I know, but I am going to post more videos from The Kleptones' Videotones project. The more I watch (and listen) to this stuff the more impressed I am. Every video in this 'album' is absolutely amazing. So are the songs themselves. See (and listen) for yourself!

The Kleptones (Audio) Instamatic (Video) - Brightness & Contrast (mp3)
Pixies - La La Love You
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
New Order - Blue Monday
Nirvana - On a Plain
Bruce Springsteen - 57 Channels (And Nothin' On)
The Cure - The Hanging Garden

The Kleptones (Audio) Reborn Identity (Video) - Exit - (mp3) - John Mayall "Fly Tomorrow" vs Beck "Farewell Ride" vs Aesop Rock & Del tha Funkee Homosapien "Preservation"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don't Hold Back, Just Push Things Forward

Today's mashup is mainly about the video. Musically, it's a decent mashup, but for myself, it's the video that really blows me away. Especially being the closet Star Wars geek that I am. Always remember, what you have learned, save you it can!

Ithaca Audio - Don't Hold Back, Just Push Things Forward -
Isaac Hayes - Theme from Shaft
John Williams - The Imperial March
Leftfield - Phat Planet
Chemical Brothers - Galvanized
Sugarhill Gang - Apache (Switch Remix - A bit patchy)
Fatboy Slim - Praise You
Doug Wood Band - Drag Racer (BBC Snooker Theme)
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
The Streets - Push things forward

Don't Hold Back, Just Push Things Forward (Extended Mix) by Ithaca Audio