Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blood and Sweat Keeps The Thrill of Kung Fu Alive In My Heart

I've been crazy busy the past little while, but I have a couple weeks off now before school starts again, and I hope to get a few posts in here at the Pit (and a little more Kung Fu;-) before school starts again. To kick off my tiny little summer holiday I have some great remixes from The Reflex. These guys really know how to rip a song apart and rebuild it in their own unique (and very cool) fashion. Give these tunes a listen and I have no doubt you will become as big a fan as I already am. I strongly recommend both their YouTube and SoundCloud feeds for more really great music. You'll probably enjoy listening to their Kung Fu more than you'll enjoy watching mine!!

The Reflex - Blondie "Heart Of Glass (The Reflex Re-Vision)"

The Reflex - Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive (The Reflex Stems Re-Vision)"
http://youtu.be/vOrhNA6gPN4 - mp3


The Reflex - B.B. King "The Thrill Is Gone (The Reflex Stems Re-Vision)"
http://soundcloud.com/thereflex/b-b-king-the-thrill-is-gone - mp3

The Reflex - Blood, Sweat & Tears "Spinning Wheel (The Reflex Stems Re-Vision)"

The Reflex - "Kung Fu"
http://soundcloud.com/thereflex/the-reflex-kung-fu-free-dl - mp3

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