Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Super Fortunate Prayer Ho Down

Today I have a few more wicked vids from Deadmarsh. Yesterday was just a teaser! I really love his taste in music, he definitely knows how to pick great tunes to make his videos for. Not the usual pop/dance/hip hop stuff most people seem to focus on. Here is a decent little cross-section of the kind of stuff he does. A bit of metal, a bit of classic rock, a bit of country, but all of it rocks!

DJ DKUB (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Super Rock Freak - - mp3 - Rick James "Superfreak" vs Primal Scream "Rocks"

DJ Shades (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Shades Ho Down - - mp3 - Allen Jackson "Chattahoochee" vs DJ Kool "Let Me Clear My Throat" vs Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood"

DJ Maxentropy (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Don't Phunk With My Fortunate Son - - mp3 - BEP "Don't Phunk With My Heart" vs John Fogerty "Fortunate Son"

DJ Morgoth (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - You've Got Another Firestarter Coming - - mp3 - Judas Priest "You Got Another Thing Coming" vs Prodigy "Firestarter"

Mizota (Audio) - DVJ Deadmarsh (Video) - Let It Rock On A Prayer - - Kevin Rudolf "Let It Rock" vs Bon Jovi "You Give Love A Bad Name"

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