Sunday, October 16, 2011

Save The Insane Booty For The Dancefloor

I guess it's about that time again isn't it? Time I shared some more Martian mashups, that is. I quite like their newest release (and it's great video), but there is a bootleg version of it that I like even more. Allot more! Unfortunately that version doesn't have a video yet, but I am posting it anyways. I've been listening to it a helluva lot, and I think it may be one of my favorite Rihanna mashups. After listening to it for yourself, you just may agree with me (or you may not). You are always free to tell me what yours are, of course. Here or wherever. FYI, they finally have their own website. I guess they've finally given up on Myspace like everyone else. Also, it would seem that they have stopped including direct mp3 links in their vids, so if you want the mp3, you will have to make it yourself (it's very easy).

I also included the Martian's track off a (fairly) recent MUYB collections. I only recently noticed that Mash-Up Your Bootz have their own YouTube Channel where they release each individual track (but without a real video) from their (nearly) monthly collection of booties (short for bootlegs, aka mashups). They (along with the Bootie Blog) are one of the best sites to follow if you're looking for some great collections of the latest (and greatest) music from the mashup scene.

DJ's From Mars - Insane In Da Brain - DJs From Mars vs Fragma

For a decent little collection of remixes using this tune, checkout this post over at Kinect Muzik. I recommend JDownloader if you want the mp3's (since downloads are not enabled on any of them).

And here is the real star of this post (imho), despite the lack of a video.
DJ's From Mars - S&M In Da Brain

S&M In Da Brain - Djs From Mars feat Fragma vs Rihanna by KineticMuzik

DJ's From Mars - Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal "Bonkers" vs Amadeus Mozart "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"

DJ's From Mars - Save The Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga "Edge Of Glory" vs Swedish House Mafia "Save The World"

DJ's From Mars - Calabria On The Dancefloor (this track from MUYB vol 49) - mp3 - Jennifer Lopez "On The Floor" vs Alex Gaudino "Destination Calabria"

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