Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Steel Toed Cowboy Boots

A year or so ago my good friend (and one of my favorite mashup producers) Fissunix put together a great compilation of Hard Rockin' Mashups which he called "Heavy Metal Mashups Vol. 1 - Sabbath Bootie Sabbath Mix". I totally meant to share it here in the Pit, and we even had a great discussion about future volumes. Here we are a year later, and volume 2 is now out and I still haven't posted Vol 1 - until now.

First I would like to share his latest Kiss mashterpiece. And should the metal get to be a bit much for you (after two hours it might for some of the young folk out there who didn't grow up on the sh!t like I did) I have another set of cowboy boots - minus the spurs!

Let these boots kick the crap out of your ears like they did to mine. Get some swabs, your ears are gonna bleed!

Fissunix - Grid it up (Binary Audio Mix Mashed)
http://soundcloud.com/fissunix/grid-it-up - mp3 - Kiss "Lick It Up" vs Daft Punk "The Grid (Binary Audio Mix)"

Heavy Metal Mashups Vol. 1 "Sabbath Bootie Sabbath Mix"
http://soundcloud.com/fissunix/heavy-metal-mashups-vol-1 - mp3

DJ Schmolli - T.N.T Bass
MadMixMustang - Overrelaxed
Wax Audio - Whole Lotta Sabbath
Fissunix - The Party Rules
DJ Schmolli - Fire in the Sky
Wax Audio - I'm in love with Judas Priest
Fissunix - Burn Da Funk
Wax Audio - Thunder Busters
DJ Schmolli - The Trooper Believer
Fissunix - Rainbow in the Superfreak Dark
Fissunix - Doin' The Jumpo
DJ Schmolli - Crazy like an Egyptian
DJ Morgoth - You've got another Firestarter Comin'
A+D - Pour Some Hot Sugar
Fissunix - Mr Crowley's Heat
M'siou Rigolitch - The Bell Tolls For The Masters Of Babylon
Amoraboy - Sweet Kung-Fu Of Mine
ToToM - Like an Ace of Spades
DJ Schmolli - Drop it like Black Sabbath

Heavy Metal Mashups Vol. 2 "Louder Than Hell Mix"
http://soundcloud.com/fissunix/heavy-metal-mashups-vol-2 - mp3

Fissunix & DJ Schmolli - HairBangers
Dan Mei - Last Ride Of The New Shit
Mad Mix Mustang - 2 Minutes To The Middle Of The Night
Loo & Placido - Antisocial Pigs
Bassnectar Remix - Seek and Destroy
DJ Schmolli - Cold As Superbeast Prometheus
Wax Audio - South Of The Grapevine
Loo & Placido - Black Sab System
Wax Audio - Master Of Doin' It
DJ Morgoth - Ace Of Spades Feels Good
DJ Schmolli - Rock Of Ages
Dan Mei - Rolling In The Fire And Flames
Tinylightsbelow - Psychosocial Baby
Fissunix - Birth of the Cannibal
Dan Mei - Coat Of Arms Of E.T.
Fissunix - Over Wasted Years
Fissunix - Grid it up
Wax Audio - Chemical Diver
DJ Schmolli - Cold As Superbeast Prometheus

DJHDD - The Spaghetti Western Lasagna (A Tribute to Ennio Morricone & Sergio Leone)
http://soundcloud.com/djhdd/djhdd-the-spaghetti-western mp3

Track list:
Spindrift - Legend of Gods gun
Apollo 440 - The Man with the Harmonica
Dreadzone - The Good the Bad & the Dread
Audio Deluxe - 60 Seconds
Purdy - Sleep Well
Station - Six tons of Six guns
DJ Shadow - You can't go home again
Federale - Train Song\War Cry
Black Lodge Singers - Flintstone
Hugo Montenegro - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Negativland - Guns (DJHDD remix)
Chris Blackwell - Man in Black
TV Bonanza shootout
The New Pollutants - The Muse
Chris Blackwell - The big stare out
Ennio Morricone - Overture
Ennio Morricone - Addio a Cheyenne (Majbour remix)
Bandini - L'estasi Dell'oro
Terry Devine-King - Tel's Bells
Blazing Saddles
People like us - Happy Trails