Monday, December 27, 2010

YIR - August

I thought that I would do a Year In Review here at the Mash Pit. I've been at it for  almost half a year now, so this will be good practice for next year! I feel that I have posted some great songs on the Pit, and I would like to share a few that may have been over-looked. I will not be sharing ones that have been in the Top 10 - I think. I don't remember 100% which songs I've removed from the list. Maybe some of these have been on it. Oh well!!

I am posting them in the reverse order they appeared in, not my order of preference. I am embedding my favorite vids, but the original posts may have had more than the one. The original posts are also linked (in the titles). Here are five of my favourite mashups from August.

Don't Fear if it Smells Like Hurt -

Hey We Will Rock You Ya -

Sweet Dreamy Army -

Get Back Rockin' -

Don't Cha Wanna Beat It -

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wish Your Rigby Stew Was Here For A Day

A pair of Beatles mashups to help get over Boxing Day.

Wish You Were Here For A Day In The Life - Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" vs The Beatles "A Day In The Life"

Rigby Stew - Green Day "Brain Stew" vs The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! I hope you are having a good one. Here to help are a few more Christmas mashups (sort of ;)

It's The Little Things - Trans Siberian Orchestra "Pachelbel's Canon" vs Blink-182 "All The Small Things"

A Merry Madasgascar Mashup Christmas - T-Rex "Get It On! (Bang A Gong!)" vs Clarence Carter "Backdoor Santa"vs Whitney Huston "Somebody To Love" vs Madagascar Christmas

Rudolph (You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light) The Police "Roxanne" vs Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

A Motown mega-mix mashup: Motor City's biggest hits combined with classic Christmas songs, sung by your favorite Motown stars.


"I Saw My Girl Kissing Santa Claus"
"I Jingle That Emotion"
"I Heard It From The Red Nosed Reindeer"
"Claus Get Next To You"
"Santa Was a Rollin' Stone"
"Ain't No Silent First Noel" performed by....

Stevie Wonder
Michael Jackson
Smokey Robinson
The Temptations
The Supremes
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
...and, of course, the Funk Brothers.

Motown Christmas - Various Motown Artists

Last but not least,
The Digital Story of the Nativity (or Christmas 2.0)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Mashed

Twas the night before christmas, and all through the hood,
Everybody was bouncing, however they could.

Enjoy a few xmas mashups to tide you over while you wait for the big guy.

Scarey Xmas - Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas Is You" vs Dillinja "Human Traffic" vs Unknown Error "Drum and Bass Workout"

The Arrival of Santa's Empire - Dark Funeral "The Arrival of Satan's Empire" vs Andy Rehfeldt

If You Jinglin' Jay-Z vs DJ McFly

Encore - Jay Z
I.Z.Z.O. (Hova) - Jay Z
U Don't Know - Jay Z
99 Problems - Jay Z
Dirt Off Your Shoulder - Jay Z
Deja Vu - Beyonce ft. Jay Z
Crazy In Love - Beyonce ft. Jay Z
Change Clothes - Jay Z
Lucifer - Jay Z
The Bounce - Jay Z ft. Kanye West
O Tannenbaum - The Vince Guaraldi Trio
I Want You (instrumental) - Common ft. Will.I.Am

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Put on the Sultans of Crazy Superfreak

Freeze! The Police are on the scene to help you get into the spirit. Now put on that SuperFreak!

Put on the Superfreak - The Police "Roxeanne" vs Rick James "Superfreak"

I Can't Stand Crazy Love - The Police "I Can't Stand Losing You" vs Queen "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

I Can't Stand Losing The Sultans of Swing On The Moon - The Police "I Can't Stand Losing You" & "Walking on the Moon" vs Dire Straights "The Sultans of Swing"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In the spirit of the season I thought I would share the new megamix from Robin Skouteris. It's 10 songs mashed into a common theme. - Michael Jackson & Friends "L.O.V.E."

The mix Includes:
Michael Jackson Feat. Akon - Hold My Hand
Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way
Jason Derulo - In My Head
Muse - Starlight
Beyonce Knowles - Halo
Iyaz - Replay
B.O.B. feat. Hayley Williams - Airplanes
Kelly Clarkson - Behind Those Hazel Eyes
Oasis - Wonderwall

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flex Gym Duck

Today I have a pair of Duck Sauce mashups. Enjoy - let them move your body!

Flex Gym Duck - Dizzee Rascal "Flex" vs Duck Sauce "Barbara Streisand" vs Ray Krebbs "The Gym"

Gotta Go Black and White - Duck Sauce "Barbara Streisand" vs Boney M "Gotta Go Home" vs Michael Jackson"

Monday, December 20, 2010

Enter My Love Crazy Halo

Today is Andy Refheldt day here at the Mashpit. He did the Reggae version of Teen Spirit a few days back. First is an "actual" mashup, followed by a couple of what would be better called remix's or even covers. Whatever. I think they are great and I hope you do too!

Enter Love Machine - Metallica "Enter Sandman" vs The Miracles "Love Machine"

Crazy Train (Smooth Jazz Version) - Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train" vs Andy Refheldt

Halo (Metal Version) - Beyonce "Halo" vs Andy Refheldt

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fire in a Spaceman's Bottle

I've been sicker than a dog the past few days. I was lucky to catch the 'Nucks game yesterday. Blogging just wasn't in the cards. Today I've got a pair of mashups featuring the Kings of Leon. First they get mashed with the Police, then with the Killers.

Fire In A Bottle - The Police "Message in a Bottle" vs Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire"

Spaceman On Fire - The Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire vs The Killers "Spaceman"

And just for the hell of it, and because I love her so much, here is a little bonus - a Bif Naked remix. She's a local girl who put's on a helluva show, and I'm pulling for her. - Bif Naked - Spaceman

And because I just can't help myself, here she is again (un-remixed even) with Tango Shoes. - Bif Naked "Tango Shoes"

Friday, December 17, 2010

Twisted Pink Wedding

It's a nice day for some "White Wedding" mashups!

Pink Wedding - Pink "Let's Get This Party Started" vs 
Billy Idol "White Wedding"

Twisted Insomniac Wedding  - Billy Idol vs Faithless vs Evil Nine - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Humans Hung Up On Intergalactic CelebraTron

Inspired by the upcoming Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack, I have two Daft Punk mashups and a third featuring Deadmau5 but using Tron for the video.

Hung Up On One More Celebration
Daft Punk "One More Time" vs Madonna "Feel Hung Up" vs Kool & The Gang "Celebration" vs Prince

Intergalactic Human - Beastie Boys "Intergalactic" vs Daft Punk "Human After All" vs Sebastian

Tron Legacy: Met Mash Up Remix - Deadmau5 "Ghosts N' Stuff" vs The Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" vs Kanye West vs Kid Cudi

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fear Of The Rude Rock Star's Decisions

Today I have a three Rhianna mashups. Or two, since two of them are kind of the same. First she get's mashed with Alice in Chains "Your Decision". Then I have two different versions of "Fear of the Rockstar" in which "Rockstar" get's mashed with Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark". One by Dj Black Intensity, the other by DJ's From Mars. Enjoy!

Rude Decisions Alice In Chains "Your Decision" vs Rhianna "Rude Boy"

Fear of the Rockstar (DJ'S From Mars)  - Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark" vs Rhianna "Rockstar"

Fear of the Rockstar (Dj Black Intensity) - Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark" vs Rhianna "Rockstar" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Learning Dani's Dance Thrill

It's a triple dose of Tom Petty! One mash with Mary Jane's Last Dance and two with Learning to Fly. Enjoy the trip :-)

Last Dance DaniPeppers n Petty! What more could you want? - Tom Petty "Mary Jane's Last Dance" vs 
Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Dani California"

Learning about Dre - Dr Dre ft Eminem "Forget About Dre"
vs Tom Petty "Learning to Fly"
Peppers n Petty! What more could you want?

Learning to Thrill - Wiz Khalifa "The Thrill" vs Tom Petty "Learning to Fly" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Smells Like Supermassive Reggae Two Times

Here is a bunch of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" mashups, inspired by a FB friend who is hosting a "Smells Like Teen Spirit" week on his feed (he is doing unique covers mostly as opposed to mashups). This first mash is from his collection. It's a reggae version. Andy (the musician, not Stewart the poster) did all the extra instrumentation himself. Then there is the Doors, Metallica & Muse all followed up with a pair of Rammsteins. Be sure to take a real big whiff! Can you smell it?

Smells Like Reggae - Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" vs 
Andy Rehfeldt

Smells Like Love (Twice) - Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" vs 
The Doors "Love Me Two Times"

Smells Like Supermassive Sandman - Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" vs Muse "Supermassive Black Hole"  vs Metallica "Enter Sandman"

Smells like Die Sonne - Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" vs Rammstein "Sonne Musik"

Smells Like Du Hast Teen Spirit - Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" vs Rammstein "Du Hast"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Believe I've Lost My Religion

Today I've lost my religion. I believe. Or maybe it blew away... - Cher "Believe" vs
R.E.M. "Losing My Religion"

Religion in the Wind - R.E.M. "Losing My Religion" vs
Kansas "Dust in the Wind" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jenny's Superstitious Box

Here we have a pair of Wonderful Mashups. Stevie Wonder that is.

First up is this wicked mash resulting in the most Uber riff ever. Heart-shaped box plus superstition equals awesome! Sorry 'bout the J-lo...

From Jenny's Superstitious Box - Jennifer Lopez "Jenny From The Block" vs Stevie Wonder "Superstitious" vs Nirvana "Heart Shaped Box"

Next is a more rocking tune as Stevie get's mashed with the killers.

Jenny's Superstitious - Stevie Wonder "Superstitious" vs The Killers "Jenny" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Boulevard of Broken Songs

For the sake of mixing it up a little, here is the same song twice! It's PartyBen's "Boulevard of Broken Songs" featuring: Green Day "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" vs Oasis "Wonderwall" vs Travis "Writing to Reach You" vs Eminem "Sing for the Moment" (ft Aerosmith's "Dream On")

First up is using video from Kingdom Hearts. I have no idea if that is a game or a movie! 
Looks kinda cool though. - Boulevard of Broken Songs

This one uses video from the anime show "Naruto". - Boulevard of Broken Demons - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Glamorous Thrill of Love

Here are a couple of the better (and there are a few) Michael Jackson mashups. The first one happens to be on Fergie's better ones as well. Hard to same the same about the second, there have been so many great 
Beyonce mash's.

Glamorous Thrill - Fergie "Glamorous" vs Michael Jackson "Thriller"

Thriller of Love - Michael Jackson "Thriller" vs Beyonce
"Crazy In Love" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Techn9ne's Undone

Here is three n9nes for your listening pleasure ;-) A little hard core to go with some hard rock.

It's A Stranglehold - Techn9ne "It's Alive" vs Ted Nugent "Stranglehold"

Imma Coming Undone Techn9ne "Imma Tell" vs Korn "Coming Undone"

Imma Tell They Don't Care - Michael Jackson "They Don't Care About Us" vs Tech N9ne "Imma Tell" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smooth Ghosts Knock You Out

It's a double toofer! Doubling up twice with another pair, this one featuring more awesome Deadmau5ness! Every mash with Deadmau5 totally rocks and these do too!

Possibly the funnest to listen to MJ mash as well!!

Knock You Out - Tiesto - Craig Vanity vs Deadmau5 - Deadmau5 "Ghosts N' Stuffa" vs Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Doncha' Wish The Doves Cried From Heaven?

A pair of great mashups using The Pussycat Dolls. First Prince and then the Pixies. Both are awesome!

Doncha' Wish The Doves Cried - Prince "When Doves Cry" vs ThePussycat Dolls "Doncha"

Pussycats Gone To Heaven The Pixies "This Monkees Gone to Heaven" vs The Pussycat Dolls

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bonus M-Mash Rasputin`s Club

I am building up such a backlog of great mashups that I need to share them a little quicker. So here are some Bonus Boney M-Mashups!!

First is another great fitty mash. Every "In Da Club" mashup has been awesome and this one continues the tradition.
Rasputin's Club - 50 Cent "In Da Club" vs Boney M "Rasputin"

Next up is a straight Boney M mashup. Sort of a greatest hits MegaMix. - Boney M Megamix

Last but not least is this metal version of "Daddy Cool". It makes me crazy - like a fool! - The Traceelords "Daddy Cool"

Hungry Like A Sandman

Today brings a pair of Duran Duran "Hungry Like The Wolf" mashups. Both are a little different.

Rappy (Audio) BobbyG (Video) - Hungry Like A Sandman - Duran Duran "Hungry Like The Wolf" vs Metallica "Enter Sandman" vs Pussycat Dolls ft A R Rahman "Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)"

ToToM (Audio) BobbyG (Video) - Hungry Like T-Rex - Duran Duran "Hungry Like The Wolf" vs T-Rex "Bang A Gong" vs Avril Lavigne "Skater Boi"

Monday, December 6, 2010

So wat`cha Beautiful

A pair of real Beasties today! Two mashups using the Beastie Boys. I will confess that I've never been a big fan of the beasties, but I really do like these versions.

So Wat'cha Beautiful Beastie Boys "So Wat'cha Want" vs James Blunt "Beautiful"

Perfect Rump - Beastie Boys "Shake Your Rump" vs Deep Purple 
"Pefect Stranger" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Mind-Blow

Today I have a threesome of totally awesome mashups with no real video. These are three songs I've been listening to quite a bit lately which I really like. I hope you do too! 

The One I Looped - REM "The One I Love" vs The Doors 
"People Are Strange (Infected Mushroom Mix)"

Still Loving Roxanne - The Police "Roxanne" vs The Scorpions 
"Still Loving You"

Pushit All Night Long - AC/DC "Shook Me All Night Long"
vs Salt N' Pepa "Pushit" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Need Stacy's Mom

For some reason this Mashup reminds me of "Fast Times At Ridgemont High". The Cars "You're Just What I Needed" vs Fountains of Wayne "Stacy's Mom" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Novocaine Rhapsody

I dedicate this one to the BlackHawks and I really hope they go home black and blue (with no points). - Green Day "Give Me Novacaine" vs Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crazy Like This

I had something else in mind when I stumbled across this great little mash. Another reminder to enjoy the trip and not focus on the destination. - Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" vs Mims "Like This"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scrub Me Closely - I'm Yours!

A pair of mashes made from TLC's "No Scrubs." Sometimes the only way to get asshole out of your hair is to scrub twice :-)

Scrub Close to Me

Scrub Me - I'm Yours! - TLC "No Scrubs" vs Jason Mraz "I'm Yours"

Da Funky Smoke

I had a bit of a failed experiment yesterday, so here is the mash that should have went up. It is built on the classic rock tune "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple. - Daft Punk "Da funk" vs Usher Ft. Ludacris And Lil John "Yeah" vs Deep Purple "Smoke On The Water (live)"