Friday, March 9, 2012

I Enter The Best Feeling Run, For You

Sometimes, when you need a good feeling, you've got to enter the race, and be assured of the best days of your life! Todays vibes are chock full of good feeling, and all feature songs from Vancouver's own Brian Adams.

First up is a classic I've had here before from the Mashup God known as Wax Audio. Metallica meets Brian Adams. JSimoesU2 described this one best:

"In an alternate universe, James Hetfield never met Lars Ulrich and Bob Rock on his way to super stardom, he actually met Jim Vallance and Bob Clearmountain. Let's visit that alternate universe now..."

Wax Audio - Enter You - mp3 - Metallica "Enter Sandman" vs Brian Adams "Run To You"

As much as that one totally kicked ass, this next one by Dj Maki is much more danceable, and a killer tune in it's own right. Definitely my favorite Flo Rida mash. The Brian Adams flavor is quite subtle in this mash, but it is there (mostly just the guitars). It's the bass that real kills it with this song, so turn it real loud!!

Dj Maki - Run To Good Feeling - Brian Adams "Run To You" vs Flo Rida "Good Feeling"

This one from Jarod Ripley is a more typical "bastard-pop bootleg", and also more appropriate for the dance floor. And not too shabby at all. David Guetta has his hands every where nowadays, so why not in a Brian Adams song?

Jarod Ripley - Best Days Of My Life (GuettAdams) (extended version) - Bryan Adams “Summer Of 69” vs David Guetta “Without You”

Last, but not least, this particular mashup video went viral this past Valentine's, and is good for a laugh. All the lyrics have been spliced in featuring various A-list actors from various blockbuster movies.

LoveFilm - Bryan Adams (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" vs Hollywood

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