Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Man Tricked the Bridesmaid in the Morning

I was recently introduced to the hilarious website (and youtubers) known as Bad Lip Reading. If you have yet to experience the hilarity, that changes today! I have two of their numbers which could almost be called mashups, for sure one of them definitely is. And I have two more which are just basic satires, one of Barrack Obama set to music and another that makes great fun of Michael Bublé. In fact, even Michael loves it!

Bad Lip Reading Morning Dew - Bad Lip Reading vs Bruno Mars vs Lady Gaga vs Jay-Z

Bad Lip Reading - Magic Man - Bad Lip Reading vs Ludacris vs The Bee Gees

Bad Lip Reading - Russian Unicorn - Bad Lip Reading vs Michael Bublé

Bad Lip Reading - Trick The Bridesmaid - Bad Lip Reading vs Barrack Obama

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