Monday, December 27, 2010

YIR - August

I thought that I would do a Year In Review here at the Mash Pit. I've been at it for  almost half a year now, so this will be good practice for next year! I feel that I have posted some great songs on the Pit, and I would like to share a few that may have been over-looked. I will not be sharing ones that have been in the Top 10 - I think. I don't remember 100% which songs I've removed from the list. Maybe some of these have been on it. Oh well!!

I am posting them in the reverse order they appeared in, not my order of preference. I am embedding my favorite vids, but the original posts may have had more than the one. The original posts are also linked (in the titles). Here are five of my favourite mashups from August.

Don't Fear if it Smells Like Hurt -

Hey We Will Rock You Ya -

Sweet Dreamy Army -

Get Back Rockin' -

Don't Cha Wanna Beat It -

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