Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fear Of The Rude Rock Star's Decisions

Today I have a three Rhianna mashups. Or two, since two of them are kind of the same. First she get's mashed with Alice in Chains "Your Decision". Then I have two different versions of "Fear of the Rockstar" in which "Rockstar" get's mashed with Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark". One by Dj Black Intensity, the other by DJ's From Mars. Enjoy!

Rude Decisions Alice In Chains "Your Decision" vs Rhianna "Rude Boy"

Fear of the Rockstar (DJ'S From Mars)  - Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark" vs Rhianna "Rockstar"

Fear of the Rockstar (Dj Black Intensity) - Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark" vs Rhianna "Rockstar" - my personal blog - webOS & Palm - youtube mashups

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