Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Imagine If Everyone Cared A Lot

John Lennon said "Imagine there's no heaven". I prefer to instead imagine that we all cared, allot! About ourselves, about each other, about the world. We wouldn't have to imagine heaven then, we'd be in it.

Today's theme is "The Greatest Speech Ever" (not to be confused with the "best speech ever")- as done by Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator". Remixed. With a couple other great mashups sharing similar themes.

Peace Treaty - The Electric Speech
http://youtu.be/xMZ_2eIEsB4 - mp3 - Mord Fustang (Lopezz Remix) vs. Charles Chaplin

http://soundcloud.com/peacetreaty/mord-fustang-lopezz-remix-vs - The Electric Speech (PeaceTreaty Hypem Mash-up)

Wax Audio (Audio) Cal-TV (Video) - Imagine This (from the political mashup album "MEDIACRACY"
http://youtu.be/7gOUV_h_-eo - mp3 - John Lennon "Imagine" George W Bush "various malipoopisms"

http://soundcloud.com/metalpostcardrecords/imagine-this-wax-audio - Imagine This

The Kleptones (Audio) Tom Beg (Video) - Care From the Uptime/Downtime double mashup album
http://youtu.be/LbdQuI6lgVo - https://vimeo.com/16368788 - mp3 - Faith No More "We Care A Lot"

G3RSt - Feel. Care. Live.
http://soundcloud.com/info47/g3rst-feel-care-live - mp3 - Bon Jovi "Livin' On A Prayer" vs Faith No More "We Care A Lot" vs The Jacksons "Can You Feel It"

I just couldn't resist posting this great Stones remix (again). Especially since I am in class listening to the UBC Dean of Arts and Musicologist discuss the music of Haiti, which you may not know, has had a strong influence on the band, especially on this song.

Beto Pedroza - The Rolling Stones "Heaven (Beto Edit)"
http://soundcloud.com/betopedroza/heaven-beto-edit - mp3

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