Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Feel Billie Jean Is Still No Good To Me

Only after looking at the date on the last update I made on my Top Ten List did I realize that it has been nearly 15 months since I last updated it. Wow! I hadn't realized I hated arbitrarily assigning rankings to other people's stuff so badly (I stole that from PartyBen ;-) I have been mostly satisfied to use the two widgets on the right, which let us all know the ten "most viewed posts", and the 10 "most popular in last 30 days". I believe my reluctance to update my personal list is likely due to the amount of work involved in making such a list the way I want to do it. That and being so far behind on sharing so much of the music that I still haven't shared that I am loathe to go back over stuff I already have. I now find myself a little more motivated since a good deal of what I am putting on my new list hasn't been posted to the Pit yet. I am going to make a new post for each entry on the new list, with a final recap at the end going over all ten. This new Top Ten list of mine could also be considered a "Best of 2011" list, since I believe that is basically what it is. Better three months late than never, right?

Coming up with ten songs, which accurately reflect what I consider to be the very best mashups of 2011 is a very difficult task for me, so instead of "best of", It would be better to think of it as "Ferency's Favorite Mashups From 20011". Or whatever floats your boat. I have actually spent the last 6 months refining this list. And even now I still have a few doubts, but believe this best reflects the songs that are the most effective at convincing ordinary people who are unfamiliar with mashups that mashups are indeed cool, and worth listening (and perhaps even dancing) to. In a sense I often think of myself as a bit of a mashup ambassador, and this is my diplomatic tool-kit. Here in Vancouver, I very rarely run into people who are familiar with mashups, so I find myself explaining them a lot, and then demonstrating what they are all about. The songs on this list are the songs that I turn to most often to help me do this.

The songs that finally made it onto this list I can live with more easily than the order I am presenting it in. It really is more arbitrary than any thing else. Add to that personal tastes, and popular feedback, and voila! You have Ferenczy's Top 10 Mashups of 2011! Today I am starting at number ten (I've long felt that the beginning is always the best place to start). Holding the (arbitrarily assigned) number ten spot, is Amoraboy's great Commodores vs Michael Jackson (ft Slash) mashup "Give In Easy To Me". I still remember when I first discovered this back in the spring/summer. I was smitten immediately, and really received allot of positive feedback from many of my friends. This was a great tune for winning over new fans to the realm of the mashup. To round out this post I have followed it up with a nice little quad-pack of killer Amoraboy tunes. Deciding which Amoraboy songs to share was nearly as hard as coming up with my top 10 list. Just do a little browsing through his SoundCloud or feeds and you'll hear what I mean. The dude has a sweet collection of mashups. It's too bad nobody has made him any cool videos, but a good thing that I don't focus on them any more, or he would have never made the top 10 list.

Amoraboy - Give In Easy To Me - mp3 - Michael Jackson ft Slash "Give In To Me" vs The Commodores "Easy"

Amoraboy - I Heard I'm No Good - mp3 - Amy Winehouse "I'm No Good" vs Marvin Gaye "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"

Amoraboy - I Feel Loved With Sultans of Swing - mp3 - Dire Straits "Sultans of Swing" vs Depeche Mode "I Feel Loved"

Amoraboy - Billie Jean On The Storm - mp3 - Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" vs The Doors "Riders on the storm"

Amoraboy - Still loving Roxanne - mp3 - Scorpions "Still Loving You" vs The Police "Roxanne"

Here are all five mashups in one playlist.
Amoraboy MashPit List

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