Thursday, June 9, 2011

Warwick's Blue Ghetto

Anybody in the mood for melancholy? Today I have more melancholy mashups from the melancholic himself, Phil RetroSpector. His latest mashes Elvis with Duffy. This is followed by Blue Mundane, which, I think, shows more than any other song or video of his why he is called the "King of Melancholy". I've tossed in a couple animation mashes as well, just because there really is no such thing as too much melancholy! At least not the way Phil does it. They are both awesome. Here's his description of forever Yellow: "Celebrating 20 years of the Simpsons, and possibly the greatest love story of them all... Warning: The content of this video is Homer-erotik! Doh!" Phil, you are awesome!

Phil RetroSpector - Warwick Ghetto - Elvis vs Duffy -

Phil RetroSpector - Blue Mundane - - Zook "Blue Monday" vs Ofra Haza "Kashmir" vs Clint Mansell "Together We Will Live Forever"

Phil RetroSpector - Chasing The Broken Hearted (Jimmy Ruffin vs SnooPytrol) -

Phil RetroSpector - Endless Yellow - Coldplay vs Lionel Richie vs Diana Ross

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