Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shiny Dreams

I have been really enjoying the work of LeeDM101 lately - allot!! Here are two of my favorites, Broken Dreams and Breathe and Shine. I also really love Chain Assault and Hybrid Babe Armada, but there are no videos for them :-(

Get his latest album here.

LeeDM101 - Broken Dreams - Seether "Broken" vs Depeche Mode "Dream On"

LeeDM101 - Breathe and Shine - John Legend "Shine" vs Sia "Breathe Me"

LeeDM101 - Chain Assault (Depeche Mode / Massive Attack / John Carpenter) by LeeDM101

LeeDM101 - Hybrid Babe Armada (Hybrid / Sugababes / Groove Armada) by LeeDM101

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