Monday, June 6, 2011

Untired Monkey Killers

I don't say it enough around here, but I really love The Kleptones. I've downloaded most of their albums, and all of them include at least a couple absolutely killer tracks. Today I have a couple of my favorites from their Videotones Project, where to goal was to make a video for each track on their Uptime/Downtime double album.

The Kleptones - Untired (A Reborn Identity video mashup)
I seriously recommend reading the info on the vimeo page regarding this incredible video. - Foo Fighters "Untired (Keptones Remix)"

The Kleptones - MKY Da HVN by Brad Mackey (Crappy Logo Productions) - Nas "Hip Hop Is Dead" vs Iron Butterfly "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" vs Cream "Sunshine of Your Love" vs Munk "Live Fast, Die Old" vs The Pixies "Monkey Gone to Heaven" vs Rage Against the Machine "Killing in the Name"

I've also got a couple extras here. These songs go out to all those Canuckleheads that like to indulge in a little of the sticky-icky while enjoying the game. I used to have a real close relationship with MaryJane, but the bitch turned on me and I had to dump her. She will never again touch my lips, but I don't judge others (even if it does bug the shit outta me walking through clouds of sweet sweet smoke), my story is my own. But I really do love these two songs, which do not have videos, but I am going to share them anyways.

The Kleptones - The Highest Kite (mp3) - Weezer "Troublemaker"
Hot Chip "Ready for the Floor" vs Saxon "Dallas 1PM" vs Motörhead "We Are the Road Crew" vs The Prodigy "Charly" vs Purple Ribbon All-Stars "Kryptonite (I'm on It)" vs Nine Inch Nails "Discipline" vs Rusko "Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)"

Nothing Inside The Kuse (The Adults vs Dre ft Snoop Vs Broken Bells) by tenpastfivetequilas

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