Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Santeria Gold

Today I have a couple smokin' Tunes from the only DJ TopCat. It's seems to me like the world could use more Neil Young Mashups. Until now the only one I can recall off hand is that super awesome one from the Kleptones. And here we make a start at it - I've heard rumors more may be on the way...

*Damn* it's been pulled, and I can't find it streaming anywhere. And it is such a damn fine mashup too!! I will put it in my dropbox for now. It is pretty much impossible to stream a Neil Young remix/mashup on the interwebs. *

DJ TopCat - Gold Season - mp3 - Neil Young "Heart of Gold" vs Drake "Comeback Season"

DJ TopCat - Sublime feat Snoop Dogg - Santeria Remix - Sublime "Santeria" vs Snoop Dogg

*edit* I had to add this video, it's just too awesome. I still say the world needs more Neil Young vids...

Jimmy Fallon - Whip My Hair - Whip My Hair with Neil Young & Bruce Springsteen

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