Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Hurts Worderful Wit Chu

Today I have two amazing mashups. I find them both to be quite relevant for where I'm at in my life. They are made by two of my favorite DJ's, Pheugoo, and Robin Skouteris. Robin's mash is made out of two of my all-time favorite songs, Johhny Cash "Hurt (NIN cover) and Queens of the Stoneage "Make It Wit Chu". Pheugoo's is a mash of Hurts "Wonderful Life" with some Brainbug and Finn violins thrown in. Both are getting heavy playtime on my music player right now for very good reason. They are amazing tunes. Judge for yourself.

Robin Skouteris - Wonderful - Hurts "Wonderful life" (M.A.D remix & original) vs Brainbug "Rain" vs Heli Kivisto (violins)

Pheugoo - Hurt Wit Chu - Johnny Cash "Hurt" vs Queens Of The Stone Age "Make it Wit Chu"

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