Friday, April 27, 2012

What A Strange Red Devil Stomp

For some reason I'm feeling a little bit country today.... I have a small collection of some killer tunes that all have a bit of a country edge to them. They all totally rock (what do you expect with bands such as Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains and Tool?), so buckle on your spurs and giddy up!!

Hong Kong Ping Pong - Bron Y Aur Stomp (vjhvjist video) - (DJ Tanner Video) - mp3 - led zeppelin remix vs live bron y aur stomp vs the song remains the same--hong kong ping pong remix - Led Zeppelin - Bron Y Aur Stomp (Hong Kong Ping Pong Remix)

DJ Kue - Red Solo Cup - mp3 - Toby Keith "Red Solo Cup (DJ Kue Remix)" - DJ Kue - I Did This For The Cup

Voicedude - Strange Diggity (Mo Reba Mix) - mp3 - Reba McEntire "Strange" vs Blackstreet "No Diggity"

G3RST - What About El Gallo? - mp3 - Alice In Chains "The Rooster" vs Christopher Young "What About El Monstruo"

For me, it has never been a challenge to answer the question: "Who is the world's greatest band?." I am not one hundred percent positive, but I think this just may be the first decent Tool mashup. Even better though is that this is much more than just decent! Until now we've had to settle for Puscifer or LustMord remixes for something approximating a Mashup fix with a MJK flavor to it (not that "settling" for either is actually a bad thing). Not anymore!

The Kleptones - Vicarious Devil - Tool "Vicarious" vs Laura Marling "Devil's Spoke"

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