Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blue Voodoo IckyThumped The Nations Spirit

I just heard some real bad news. The White Stripes have broken up (see Feb 2). Jack White is one of my favorite musicians, and the White Stripes really knew how to put on a helluva a show. But then again, so do the Raconteurs. I guess like the Dude, I will abide. In the mean time, let's celebrate the White Stripes the way I do everything around here, with some great mashups! Keep Rockin' Jack and Meg.

DJ Zebra - Blue Orchid Voodoo People - The White Stripes "Blue Orchid" vs Prodigy "Voodoo People"

DJ Zebra (Audio) Boris B (Video) - IckyThump (Wholelottafunk Remix) The White Stripes "Icky Thump" vs Led Zepplin "Whole Lotta Love"

DJ BootOX - 7 Nation Teen Spirit - The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" vs Nirvan "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

DJ Nicky T (Audio) Guttorm Hellevik (Video) - Rockin' Nation Army
The White Stripes vs Martin Solveig - "Rockin Army" (DJ Nicky T Mash Up) - The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" vs Martin Solveig

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