Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Electric Stanky Legg Whip (Russian Style)

Today is all about gettin' down. All out of ideas for the dance floor? Well move over Chubby, we got some new moves for ya today. First of all we are going to Whip It to the Stanky Legg. - Devo "Whip It" vs GS Boyz "Stanky Legg"

Next up is not really a mash, but I don't care I'm posting it anyways. This is Wyclef Jean on the Electric Company. This is not the same electric company I used to watch in the 70's -but at the same time it is! Pretty cool and I felt I had to share it (thanks Kat!) - The Electric Company - Wyclef Jean "New/Old Electric Slide"

And for the heckuvit I am reposting an amazing video I first put up back in September (today is day 99 of the mash pit!!). It's a bunch of Russion soldiers from nearly 100 years ago showing us that they think they can dance! Can they ever! - Outhere Brothers "Enjoy" vs Old School Players "Jump Around" (House of Pain Cover)

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